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Corporate Gifts Co - DESK ITEMS
Classic collection of CORPORATE gifts
from puzzles to pens, and clocks to card cases.
Corporate Gifts Co - DESK CLOCKS
A timeless business gift, a collection of
stunning desk Clocks
Corporate Gifts Co - USB - FLASH DRIVES
Practical and ideal for storing
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An interesting and novel gift for those who
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An outstanding range of gadgets and irresistible
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Corporate Gifts Co - DESK AND OFFICE
A powerful way to ensure your clients
remember your business and your
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Corporate Gifts Co - BAR & DRINKS
Business, homes or family in other countries Dual
& Triple time Zone clocks, a great idea!
Corporate Gifts Co - TOYS, GIFTS & GADGETS
Many executives embark on trips from time to
time, give a thoughtful gift of a
Leather Travel product.
Corporate Gifts Co - DESK AND OFFICE
Give recognition for a job well done!
Invest in a stylish presentation piece.

What are Corporate Gifts?

Corporate Gifts is a modern term for something that has been in existence since commerce began centuries ago; a token of appreciation to customers, a thank you to staff for loyalty or hard work, and even a freebie at a market stall to promote a seller’s wares. All these are examples of corporate gifting. Today, promotional advertising gifts is a sophisticated and essential part of sales promotion and part of the wider marketing mix which includes above and below the line advertising, social media and digital marketing. Company gifts are more than just printing an organisation’s logo onto a giveaway promotional pen. Done with consideration for the target audience coupled with an appreciation of a company's brand values, corporate gifts can be a powerful advertising tool and provide more “bang for your buck” than other marketing techniques.

Why Corporate Gifts?

Studies have shown that business gifts have more longevity than any other form of advertising; a company’s logo (and perhaps their contact details) printed or engraved on a corporate gift stay in the customer’s mind longer than, say, a magazine advertisement or digital post. Whether the promotional item stays on the recipient’s desk, is a personal accessory that is carried around, or is taken home (even given to someone else) the business gift is not only practically there to remind the target audience of the company or marketing campaign message, but also the positive feeling created by a well chosen executive incentive or promotional product is something very difficult to match with other forms of advertising.

What makes a good Corporate Gift?

An effective corporate gift must successfully combine two essential elements; it must reflect the brand values of the company and it must not only be appropriate to the recipients but also be valued by them too. For example you would be disappointed to receive a budget plastic pen as a promotional item for the launch of a new accessory from Gucci, but this item may be entirely appropriate as a promo giveaway at an exhibition for a builders merchants. An ill-conceived or badly thought-through corporate gift can easily have the opposite effect to that intended; disappointing the recipient and reflecting badly on the company or organisation. Unfortunately this outcome is all too common, with little thought expended on the choice of corporate gift - surely a waste of budget.

Choosing the right Corporate Gift for your Organisation

So what is he best approach to choosing a Company Business Gift? The reality is that the vast majority of people have little or no experience of buying promotional incentives, even those in the marketing profession! There's more to it than just choosing something that looks “quite nice” within budget and printing a company logo on it. So why not ask some advice from a trusted Corporate Gift supplier? Armed with some basic information such as; quantity required, budget, timescales, plus some softer (but just as important) details about target audience, brand values, and nature of the marketing campaign and its intended message or desired effect, a good Promotional Gift supplier will be able to guide you to make the right choice.

About Solo and Corporate-Gifts-Co

Established in 1991, Solo Trading Ltd is one of the most established and well respected corporate Gift suppliers in the promotional industry with over 25 years’ experience in providing corporate gift solutions from multi-national corporations to micro companies. Solo was one of the first business gift suppliers on the Web, and the Corporate-Gifts-Co website a consistent prominent presence. Over the years, Solo has worked with many of the world’s largest brands such as Burberry, British Airways, Chivas Regal, Lloyds Bank, Nat West, Shell, Virgin Airways, to name just a few. Solo has curated corporate gift collections of silver plated items and leather accessories for The Royal Opera House, to specially commissioned solid silver replica airplanes for British Airways. Solo can also help with standard popular promotional ideas too; from pens to powerbanks, and from USB flash drives to photo frames and umbrellas.

We recognise that busy people need a promotional product supplier that they can rely on and that has the commitment to customer service and the experience to deliver. Ask us to help you source the perfect corporate gift for your company; on budget and on time.