Top 5 Parker Pens

Who Are Parker?

In 1888, George Safford Parker started the Parker Pen Company and for over a century Parker Pens have been synonymous with quality and reliability. A reputation based on years of innovation. In fact, Parker was granted the very first fountain pen related patent in 1889 and their special Quink (quick drying ink) and body ergonomics to make them one of the most respected writing instrument companies in the world.

This is why a Parker Pen is one of the most popular corporate gifts, giving the company choosing the corporate gift the cache of being associated with a major worldwide brand, and for the recipients they get a fantastic writing instrument and the impression that they are valued.

We’ve sold thousands of Parker Pens over the years, and we’d like to share our some of our favourites which also are our best sellers.






5.) The Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint.


The Jotter is one of the all-time Parker Pen best-sellers. This pen sports sleek silver styling and has the characteristically smooth flowing Parker feel. The Jotter has a smooth barrel and patterned head, to create the premium finish. This pen is made from parker’s strong and durable stainless steel and comes with a traditional button action click mechanism. And like all Parker Pens this legendary ball-pen comes in the distinctive Parker presentation box.

Why Choose This Parker Pen?
The parker premium jotter is the perfect middle ground when finding a quality corporate pen gift with a very affordable price-point, making this pens wow factor very cost-effective! One of parker’s most popular pens the jotter is always a reliable choice and won’t let your recipient down.

Price Range:
£18.73 - £23.86




4.) Parker Vector Ballpoint Pen.


The Parker Vector ballpoint pen is a two toned body ballpoint pen with a selection of different colours available. This pen is made with a scratch resistant plastic barrel with a variety of different colours, and uses a standard button action ballpoint mechanism.

Why Choose This Parker Pen?
Extremely affordable, the Parker Vector Ballpoint pen is a perfect corporate gift for around the workplace with the parker pen heritage behind each pen it’s guaranteed to have an impact. The price point of this pen is lower than most other parker pens making this a good option for buying large amount however the low price doesn’t mean low quality you get the same guaranteed high quality high performance as you do with any other Parker purchase.

Price range:
£6.57 – £8.36





3.) Parker I.M. Rollerball pen


The Parker I.M. Rollerball is a stylish roller ball pen featuring metal trim and detailing and comes in a selection of different colours. Made from durable polished stainless steel with a smooth coloured resin body the I.M. is contemporary and elegant. With ergonomics to the fore, this is a beautifully balanced pen making it perfect for male or female recipients.

Why Choose This Parker Pen?
This mid-ranged Parker Pen is ideal for key staff or customers. The quality feel and silver trim creates a modern style and a desirable look give this pen a high-perceived value that will make the recipient feel valued and rewarded.

Price Range:
£17.79 - £22.39




2.) Parker New Urban Fountain Pen.


The Parker Urban Fountain Pen is Parker’s modern contemporary version of the classic fountain pen design and is available in 3 different colours. This pen is made from hard-wearing acrylic with stainless steel trim and nib which can be branded or personalised with a logo or individual details. Available in different colours and, of course, includes the classic Parker presentation box.


Why Choose This Parker Pen?
This New Urban Fountain Pen is the perfect executive gift option evoking traditional Parker craftsmanship that has been refined over the years. This fountain pen is a real treasure to any recipient and with the prestige and quality makes the item even more special; ideal for a gift for managers or high profile staff.

Price Range:
£43.75 - £51.65




1.)    Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen – Rose Gold

One of Parker’s flagship writing instruments, The Sonnet Ballpoint Pen is available in a stunning matt silver lined-detail body with rose-gold trim. This Pen is made from high quality stainless steel in a “chiselled” lined-pattern design with rose gold trim for style and durability, the pen has a standard twist action for quick easy use.

Why Choose This Parker Pen?
The parker sonnet has been a staple of their product range for many years and is an extremely high-end gift ideal as a gift for your top staff such as board members or executives, or very top-level customers. The pen itself is in an incredibly contemporary and luxurious design and this creates a fantastic wow-factor upon opening the presentation box. Overall this pen is an item that anyone would treasure for a lifetime.

Price Range:
£183.34 - £221.54