What are the best Christmas Corporate Gifts?

Choosing Christmas corporate gifts can be a bit of a chore and it’s difficult to know where to start with the huge ranges available in the promotional market. With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d use our 25 years of experience to give a little help in how to choose the right business gift this yuletide.

So here’s our Top 10 Christmas Corporate Gifts for 2017 (in no particular order)

10. 4gb USB Flashdrive - Twister

What is it? A modern classic – the promotional flashdrive is a great “stocking filler” as a Christmas corporate gift

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? Everyone uses a memory stick and it will be used for months after Xmas has gone by. 

How is it Branded? Full colour digital print on one or both sides. Our in-house stock means this is a quick lead-time of 24 hours – perfect for those who leave it until the last minute!

Who is it for? One of the most universal promotional items so works for any company and any target audience.

Price Range - £4.35 - £4.69

9. Credit Card Power bank – iPhone and Android

What is it? The branded power bank is a portable charger for your mobile device.

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? Many businesses now use their phones to receive emails and contact customers so this power bank is an ideal Christmas corporate gift and it isn’t a quick one time use promotional gift but an item that can be reused time after time. 

How is it branded? Branded with your company’s logo or design with full colour digital printing, ready in 24 hours – great for last minute shoppers!

Who is it for? 
Has universal appeal but great for tech companies

Price Range - £4.59 - £5.82

8. Galileo Executive Desk Pad

What is it? The Galileo Desk Pad is a high-end executive gift with a metal cover on the front ideal for adding an engraved logo

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? Has a great wow-factor and looks expensive – will stay on the desk for months after Xmas so great longevity.

How is it branded? Diamond engraved which looks very impressive. Individual names can be added.

Who is it for? Ideal for executive office workers.

Price Range - £14.80 - £19.02

7. Sterling Silver and Glass Paperweight

What is it? This is a very high-end glass paperweight featuring a hallmarked sterling silver plate underneath the glass.

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? This makes an ideal Christmas promotional gift; supreme quality and unique visual effect of the engraved branding.

How is it branded? Diamond engraved which shows through the glass with a slightly magnified effect. Individual names can be added.

Who is it for? Any desk or office customers or staff, especially top customers or upper management

Price Range - £45.66 - £54.22

6. Milan Ballpoint Pen in Chrome Presentation Box

What is it? One of our all-time best sellers, the chrome plated ballpoint pen presented in a chrome box ideal for adding personalisation on both the pen and box.

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? The Milan Ballpoint pen is an ideal corporate gift as it can be engraved on the pen and box. A quality gift, it has the look and feel of a much more expensive item which means it has high perceived value and so is very cost-effective. 

How is it branded? Engraved on the pen and the box; we recommend individual names on the pen and a logo on the box.

Who is it for? Anyone with a limited budget who is looking for a cost-effective executive item.

Price Range - £13.30 - £15.79

5. Regent Carriage Clock

What is it? The Regent is a modern and elegant carriage clock, with a cute secret compartment.

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? This is an impressive gift whether it’s a personal present or corporate gift, so if you want to make an impression this if for you.

How is it branded? Diamond engraved on the back, the carriage clock looks impressive with a large branding area.

Who is it for? It’s high-end and personalisation means this is ideal for top customer and high-level staff.

Price Range - £34.23 - £40.65

4. Mini Maglite LED AA Pocket Torch


What is it? The Maglite is probably the most famous torch brand in the world. This one is a powerful LED torch and is a classic corporate gift.

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? Any Mag Lite will be well received as a corporate gift – add your logo and it makes an impressive statement about your company.

How is it branded? The Maglites can be printed or laser engraved.

Who is it for? Maglites are great for engineering companies and organisations with people out on the road.

Price Range - £22.66 - £24.93

3. Window Hip Flask Gift Set

What is it? This Christmas promotional gift is a rounded flask with a window in the side so you can look to see how much of the good stuff you have left, complete in a set complete with two dram cups and a funnel for easy filling.

Why is it a good Christmas Corporate Gift? This flask set is an all-time classic Christmas corporate gift, ideal for spreading festive cheer at this merry time of year.

How is it branded? Diamond engraved on the back of the flask, add individual names for that extra special touch.

Who is it for? Great for staff gifts where the emphasis is on festive cheer!

Price Range - £13.66 - £16.22

2. Parker Urban Fountain Pen

What is it? Parker are world-famous for their quality and reliability. The new Parker Urban Fountain Pen is a great addition to this heritage brand’s collection.

Why is it a good Christmas corporate gift? Fountain Pens just reek of quality and so it says a lot to the recipient to receive a corporate gift like this from such a prestigious brand. It also comes in a beautiful Parker Gift box so you have that real present feeling when this is received.

How is it branded? Printed or laser engraved.

Who is it for? Pens make perfect Christmas corporate gifts for anyone, but this is perfect for financial institutions and banks.

Price Range - £43.75 - £51.65

1. Classic Silver Plated Photoframe

What is it? Photoframes are an all-time classic corporate gift and works extremely well at Christmas. It comes in a variety of standard sizes but the most popular is 5” x 7”.

Why is it a good Christmas Corporate Gift? Photoframes can be used in the office or at home so it has great universal appeal. It can be related to a specific event with a commemorative photograph inserted.

How is it branded? Diamond engraved on any of the wide silver panels in either portrait or landscape format.

Who is it for? Great for office based companies, but also good for any company that is organising an event at Christmas.

Price Range - £6.72 - £20.29


Still unsure what Christmas corporate gift to buy, or do you have more questions? Call us on 01789 262 900 to speak to a member of our friendly team!