Victorinox is a knife manufacturer based in the town of Ibach, Switzerland, originating from inside Karl Elsener’s cutler’s workshop in 1884. The name comes from a combination of Elsener’s mother’s name Victoria and the international term for stainless steel “Inox”. Today, Victorinox is registered as a trademark in over 120 countries. In 1891 Elsener supplied knives to the Swiss Army for the first time, and the emblem which is shown on the knives has been used since 1909.


The knives become popular around the world after the Second World War establishing it as an iconic product. Victorinox is now the biggest manufacturer of pocket knives in the world.Swiss Army Knives have become part of popular culture and feature in many movies, TV programmes and novels. It’s even featured in New York’s MoMA and the State Museum for Applied Art in Munich.


A Swiss army knife is a handy gadget for everyday use and since it combines several useful, everyday tools into one compact design. This can help you save storage and space.


So what is it about Victorinox Swiss Army Knives that makes them so iconic? Is it the cool gadgets? The feel?  Or maybe the quality? All of these features add up to a product that transcends the mere practicality of its design. On their own website, they state, “Victorinox stands for quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design, and has done for more than 130 years. In his feature on the BBC website; Jonathan Glancey says that the Army Knife is guaranteed for life – never needs replacing. It’s the perfect combination of form and function” 


The Swiss Army Knife is perfect for any kind of outdoors or activity related promotion and you can have your logo printed on the body of the Swiss Army Knife. We have a range of Swiss army knives on our Website to choose from. Practicality and glowing reputation makes this item stand out for promotional purposes and offers high visibility for any brand. The Victorinox reputation will give your brand an air of associated quality, while their great image will appeal to individuals for corporate gifts. Click here for more information on Swiss army knives


Maglite is a brand of flashlight that has been manufactured in the United States since 1979. Tony Maglica formed the company, Mag Instruments Inc, in 1974 in California with $125. Today Maglite is world famous.


Maglite flashlights are synonymous with built-in-America quality. Every flashlight that is manufactured represents more than 35 years of research, development and refinement.


Maglite’s have become part of popular culture too. Jack Reacher always has a Maglite in the boot of his car. Maglites have also appeared in The Descent and CSI.


As with the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, the Maglite offers high brand visibility for any promotion with an association of quality and style. There are a large number of products to choose from with a range of colours, sizes and torch specifications. Visit or range of Maglite’s here. Perfect for any practical individual.