So Who Are PHILIPPI? Never heard of the name before? PHILIPPI are active in over 30 countries around the globe and is synonymous with creativity and style. They are relatively new to the UK but are fast becoming a must-have brand for stylish gifts and contemporary interior products.

So where did PHILIPPI start? In 1992, Jan Philippi opened his first two stores in Hamburg; showcasing office and living accessories. He wanted to create design pieces that he felt correlated to his ideal of clarity and modernity.

As a company, they have won several awards and been recognised for their high end designs and the durability of the products. PHILIPPI initially concentrated on small desk items such as the floating desk pen and magnetic men paperweight, but in recent years has expanded their range into lifestyle and interior products such as vases and photoframes.

Jan Philippi can see the beauty in things and transforms them into artistic pieces. He rises to life’s challenges and offers durable products for an ever-changing world. He creates style, precision and uniqueness within his products to make sure they are products that capture your heart, for yourself and gifts for others. As Jan himself says “PHILIPPI stands for value, for design and detail.”

Creativity, courage and imagination associated with that healthy sense of business have made the PHILIPPI brand what it is today. The individual style and resolute perspective on great design will definitely continue.