Why are pens good corporate gifts?

Pens have been a crucial part of the corporate gift market for many years making pens a solid classic when it comes to gifts for staff and customers. Prices for pens range from literally pennies all the way up into the thousand pound range, and are used as give-aways at promotional events to special executive corporate gifts for key customers or staff. Solo Corporate Gifts specialise in the mid to higher-end bracket and offer a range of branded and executive pens that are affordable enough to be used for sales promotion but also prestigious enough for the boardroom. Corporate Gift Pens are probably the most popular and common promotional product due to their longevity; a pen can stay with a recipient for years popping up at home, at work or on your travels. Whereas some gifts may be a one-time use, pens are used for years - in fact studies have shown the average lifetime of a corporate gift is 2 and a half years with pens right at the top of that list. That represents great value for money and an effective use of marketing budget!

The question we get asked all the time is what pen will work for my company or promotional campaign… well here is our top 5 corporate pens (in no particular order).

5: Cross Century Classic Chrome Ball pen 

Who is Cross?
Cross is an American pen company founded in 1846 by Richard Cross initially manufacturing gold and silver pencil casings. Most famously known for being the official pens for the White House, Cross have an undeniable reputation around the world for quality and reliability and have refined their pens to meet presidential standards!

Price range:
£25.20 - £35.15

Materials and action:
This Cross Pen comes in a polished chrome finish and with a twist action for easy use.

Why this Pen?
The Cross pen is always a beautiful gift for any occasion and for a corporate gift it’s the same! With the knowledge that these pens are used within the White House you know you’re holding a pen of distinction from the second you pick it up, and with the options for adding personalisation onto the barrel and box this pen makes a perfect statement.


4: Waterman Graduate ball pen 


Who are Waterman?
Waterman where established in 1884 in New York by Lewis Edson Waterman and started life as a luxury fountain pen company. The early years of Waterman are still unclear but the oldest surviving waterman dates back to the 18th century, with their early pens being equipped with 14k gold nibs.

Price Range:
£10.58 - £17.29

Materials and action:
This pen is made from a stainless steel body and uses a traditional push-to toggle action.

Why This Pen?
The Waterman Graduate Ball Pen is a stunner and is ideal for a corporate gift, the pen has a great area to add individual details such as names or initials and with the beautiful waterman presentation box you are sure to have that wow factor when the recipient opens it!


3: Milan Ballpoint Pen and Chrome Box. 

What is the Milan Ballpoint pen?
The Milan ballpoint pen is our number one top seller across all platforms, the pen is regularly credited for its ease of use and great areas for personalisation not only on the pen but also the chrome presentation box as well, allowing for a more personal and effective promotion. Add your logo onto the box and finish off with the recipient’s name along the barrel, there’s lots of possibilities and that’s what makes this so effective!

Price Range:
£13.30 - £15.79

Materials and Action:
The Milan pen is made from chrome plated metal as is the presentation box, the pen uses a twist action for reliable use and the box is a regular hinged lid.

2: "Cambridge" Sterling Silver Fountain Pen with Display hallmark 

What is the Cambridge Fountain pen?
The Cambridge is a sterling silver fountain pen with a chrome presentation box and is one of our most top end high quality pens. The highly polished sterling silver body looks absolutely stunning and with the feature hallmarks along the body this pen really stands out from the crowd! With options for engraving on both the pen and the box you can add individual personalisation on each pen along with a company logo - the ultimate personalised corporate gift!

Price range:
£67.86 - £96.94

Materials and Actions:
The Cambridge Pen is made from Sterling silver and comes with a chrome plated Presentation box; the pen uses a traditional Pull of cap action for fast use and Nib protection.

1: Parker New Urban Rollerball Pen 

Who are Parker?
Parker pens are a very well established luxury pen company founded in 1888 by George Stafford Parker. The company’s first ever pen was released in 1899 called the Parker Jointless. Over the years, Parker has become known as market leaders in the world of quality writing instruments.

Price Range:
£32.89 – £39.39

Materials and Action:
The new Urban Roller ball is made from a toughened moulded body with chrome trim and comes in a parker presentation box; the pen uses a traditional pull-off lid design for safety and protection.

Why this Pen?
All Parker pens have a distinctive prestigious feel, having such a recognisable brand given as a gift makes this a very valuable and appreciated corporate gift. With the options to add not only a printed or laser engraved logo to the barrel of the pen but also to add the names or initials of the recipient, this executive pen is much more than just a promotional product, it will be valued and treasured.