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Corporate Jewellery

When you think about corporate gifts, you probably don't think about jewellery. Yet there is a stunning opportunity to choose some high quality pieces of jewellery from The Corporate Gifts Company - jewellery that will be prized and treasured for a long time to come.

Bespoke Jewellery

Lapel Pins Lapel Pins
Cufflinks Cufflinks
Keyrings Keyrings
Tieslides Tieslides

Whether your customer is looking for an off-the-shelf option or a bespoke solution made to your own design, The Corporate Gifts Co has the perfect solution.

Established in 1991, and with over 25 years of experience designing and producing bespoke corporate jewellery for some of the world’s biggest brands, you can be sure of a professional and efficient service, whether that’s a logo engraved on one of our standard cufflink designs, or a full 3D creation.

We offer free no-obligation visuals and fast quotations.

Click on the options above to get prices and options for cufflinks, tieslides, lapel pins, or keyrings. Alternatively call our sales team now on 01789 262900.

Bespoke Jewellery

Corporate jewellery is a great way of ensuring your gift isn't just forgotten and put in a drawer. People attach a good deal of value to jewellery and that's why we have worked hard to bring you an impressive range of jewellery items you can use for all kinds of reasons. The team at The Corporate Gifts Company can provide you with a fully bespoke range of tie pins, lapel pins, key rings and cufflinks, not to mention tie slides too.

Custom Jewellery

The bespoke nature of our range of corporate jewellery means you can enjoy high quality pieces for all occasions. Lapel pins can be customised to provide to each employee, further cementing the quality of your brand. Alternatively you can give bespoke keyrings to your best clients, as a token of thanks perhaps, or as a way of making sure your brand travels as far and wide as possible. Whatever purpose you have for our custom jewellery, you can be sure of the finest results from our service - and the best prices - every time.