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Many people who want a reliable and solid torch to last for years choose the Maglite name. It's easy to see why - Maglites represent an impressive pocket sized torch that can be relied upon to shine a light wherever it is required. It also makes the perfect corporate gift item to give to clients and employees if you are looking for something that is cost effective and practical.



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  • 50 Branded Maglite Solitaire Torch

    50 Branded Maglite Solitaire Torch

    Excl. Tax: £7.77 Incl. Tax: £9.32 As low as: £8.76

  • 50 Branded Maglite AAA Torch

    50 Branded Maglite AAA Torch

    Excl. Tax: £12.33 Incl. Tax: £14.80 As low as: £13.61

  • 50 Branded Maglite AA Torch

    50 Branded Maglite AA Torch

    Excl. Tax: £14.69 Incl. Tax: £17.63 As low as: £16.20

  • 50 Promotional Maglite LED Solitaire Pocket Torch

    50 Promotional Maglite LED Solitaire Pocket Torch

    Excl. Tax: £15.27 Incl. Tax: £18.32 As low as: £16.85

  • 50 Engraved Mini Maglite LED AAA Pocket Torch

    50 Engraved Mini Maglite LED AAA Pocket Torch

    Excl. Tax: £18.73 Incl. Tax: £22.48 As low as: £20.65

  • 50 Branded Mini Maglite LED AA Pocket Torch

    50 Branded Mini Maglite LED AA Pocket Torch

    Excl. Tax: £24.93 Incl. Tax: £29.92 As low as: £27.19

  • 50 Branded Maglite 2D Cell Torch

    50 Branded Maglite 2D Cell Torch

    Excl. Tax: £28.87 Incl. Tax: £34.64 As low as: £31.81

  • 50 Branded Maglite LED 2D Cell Torch

    50 Branded Maglite LED 2D Cell Torch

    Excl. Tax: £35.70 Incl. Tax: £42.84 As low as: £39.35

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Established in 1955 by founder Tony Maglica in California USA from humble beginnings, Maglite are now one of the most iconic tools and gadgets brands in the world. Through Anthony Maglica’s passion and commitment to quality and American jobs, he created Mag Instrument Inc. concentrating on innovative technology. With only $125 as a deposit on his first lathe, he began by manufacturing machine parts for industry, the military and the burgeoning aerospace industry, earning a reputation for service, innovation and quality. This attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement has proved to be the bedrock of Maglite for decades to come, making their products desirable and always one step ahead of the competition. Determined to produce a new and improved flashlight for the general torch market, Mag-Lite released their first flashlight in 1979. Since then they have gone on to become world famous for their eco-friendly, energy efficient torches. Now with many different styles and sizes of lights, Maglite has one of the most comprehensive ranges of torches on the market; from tactical police torches to their Maglite Wands used for landing planes, all with a guarantee of quality and reliability. The Police, the Armed Forces, Firefighters, and Mechanics quickly adopted the Maglite as the superior flashlight on the market which helped cement the Maglite as the flashlight of choice in the USA.


As a brand renowned around the world, Maglite products make perfect corporate gifts. Logos or corporate messages can be printed or engraved on the product surface as an integral part of any promotional product campaign, product launch, or exhibition give-away etc. There is a great range of Maglite corporate gift options from the classic Maglite through to the Solitaire. Maglite is a very effective premium corporate gift as the brand is a mark or reliability and quality and any business gift associated with a brand of this calibre reflects extremely well on the company giving out the gift. A Maglite is also valued and desirable, communicating to the recipient that the company giving the gift values them. Compared to an organisation that hands out a cheap plastic pen or bog-standard promotional product, the recipients will view that company less favourably and feel their loyalty or custom is worth as much as the cheap pen they were given. So consider whether the promotional product fits your company brand values and communicates this effectively to your target audience when choosing a corporate gift, and that the recipients will value the corporate gift once received. A Maglite corporate gift will ensure your marketing campaign is a success.


Since their opening in 1955 Mag-Lite has released many torches that are now world renowned for being tough, reliable, and long lasting, sealing their place in American culture and becoming an American classic! The first Mag-Lite launched was the now classic MAGLITE Flashlight, a standard torch but with Maglite’s own technology inside, then came the release of the Maglite Charger with the patented rechargeable system that starts to secure Maglite’s eco-friendly identity that they are now justifiably so proud of! Following these early successes Maglite has constantly launched different styles and types of flashlights. With several appearances on TV and advertisements Maglite quickly started to gain popularity and cult status in America, with support from the likes of President Bush, Americans really began to take notice and take the Maglite brand to their hearts. In 1984 the Mini MAGLITE was launched setting a new standard for personal flashlights, and in 1987 an even smaller AAA battery sized model was introduced, followed by the Maglite Solitaire designed for keychains, and handbags. Over the decades, Maglite have both improved their technology and their build-quality. Now made from solid aluminium, the Maglite has an unrivalled tough and durable case. With this new tough exterior and their new and improved beam focus technology, the Maglite Company has become a well-respected and top torch manufacturer. Maglite puts unrivalled pride into its work, not only in the functionality of each torch but also into the design and creation of each individual flashlight.


A tag-line that is often used for Maglite torches is, “A Work of Art That Works”. Maglites have been recognised by the Museum for Applied Art in Germany, and the Japan Institute of Design. Both Money and Fortune magasines have ranked Maglites as among the Top 100 American-made products, and The Wall Street Journal called Maglite “the Cadillac of flashlights”. Even former Apple CEO, Gilbert F. Amelio, said he wanted Apple to be “essentially the Maglite of computers”.


Committed to the maxim of “Made in the USA”, Maglite have repeatedly stated that they will never outsource manufacturing and will always make their items in the U.S.A, taking great pride in being American and only employ workers for there production team who live and work in America. They have sales and distribution around the world helping boost their success but will not open a factory anywhere else to produce their flashlights. This is so unique that now no other major torch producer has a factory in the USA. As a result, founder, Tony Maglica can personally oversee the production of each Maglite factory ensuring standards and quality and maintained. Over the years Maglite have given money back to the community, with notable donations to national Brest Cancer Foundation, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, America’s 9/11 donation and much more!


Mag-lite flashlights have been found to have survived some amazing scenarios; such as being found underwater after being lost years before and still working, to finding flashlights that have survived fire, war and much more! So what makes Maglites so durable? Each Maglite is made from raw aluminium melted down into a cask, and each part of the body is made from this toughened aluminium. Each torch also goes through an anodising process that prevents the torch from erosion or corrosion. This process is used not only on the outside of the body but the entire interior parts as well meaning the mechanics within are also safe! This mixed with their use of O-rings to create an air/water tight seal means it is incredibly difficult for any harmful substances to get into it. This all adds up together to create one strong and powerful torch that has been used for years in the police, armed forces, and even diving, and has become one of the world’s largest and most respected torch companies!