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Victorinox Knives

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is one of the most recognised knives of its type around today. It also makes a fine corporate gift for those who are searching for the ideal practical item to give to their most prized clients. With several different designs available, you can be sure there is one that is perfect for your budget.

Victorinox Knives

Victorinox Knives

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  • 50 Victorinox Handyman Swiss Army Knife

    50 Victorinox Handyman Swiss Army Knife

    Excl. Tax: £40.96 Incl. Tax: £49.15 As low as: £45.13

  • 50 Victorinox At Work 16GB Swiss Army Knife

    50 Victorinox At Work 16GB Swiss Army Knife

    Excl. Tax: £45.16 Incl. Tax: £54.19 As low as: £49.76

  • 50 Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife

    50 Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife

    Excl. Tax: £54.07 Incl. Tax: £64.88 As low as: £59.59

  • 50 Victorinox Cyber tool M Swiss Army Knife

    50 Victorinox Cyber tool M Swiss Army Knife

    Excl. Tax: £61.31 Incl. Tax: £73.57 As low as: £68.28

  • 50 Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X with Leather Pouch

    50 Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X with Leather Pouch

    Excl. Tax: £83.31 Incl. Tax: £99.97 As low as: £93.73

  • 50 Victorinox Swiss Tool with Leather Pouch

    50 Victorinox Swiss Tool with Leather Pouch

    Excl. Tax: £88.46 Incl. Tax: £106.15 As low as: £99.52

  • traveller lite

    50 Victorinox Traveller Lite Swiss Army Knife

    Excl. Tax: £94.63 Incl. Tax: £113.56 As low as: £106.45

Items 17 to 23 of 23 total

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Established in 1884, Victorinox have gained a 130 years’ worth of experience. Victorinox knives were first used at war and now through their cutlery sets and watches they have expanded their reach in the market, with international success following, Victorinox are now the world’s most recognisable Swiss army knife brand. Known for not only their quality and functionality, but also their affordability the Victorinox collections are now respected around the world


As a world renowned brand, Victorinox products make perfect corporate gifts. Logos or corporate messages can be printed or engraved as part of a promotional product campaign, product launch, or exhibition give-away etc. There is a wide range of Victorinox corporate gift options from the classic Swiss Army Knife through to pocket tools, watches, promotional travel products, apparel, and even fragrances. Victorinox makes a very effective premium corporate gift as the Victorinox logo is a mark or quality and reliability and if an executive gift is associated with such a brand it reflects well on the company. A Victorinox product is also desirable and valued so communicating to the recipient that the company giving the gift values them – compare that to a company that hands out a cheap plastic pen or bog-standard promotional product; how do you think the recipients will view that company? So when choosing a corporate gift, consider whether the promotional product fits your company brand values and communicates this effectively to your target audience, and that these recipients will value the corporate gift once received. You can be confident that Victorinox will deliver on all these and more.


In 1884 the Victorinox founder Karl Elsener opened his first workshop in the town of Ibach in Switzerland after serving as an apprentice making surgical instruments and razor knives in Germany. He then went on to found The Association of Swiss Master Cutlers which led to the design of the first Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in 1891. With the poverty and poor economy in Switzerland at the time Karl saw this as his chance to offer help by giving jobs to people in need but also helping the flow of emigration. Victorinox’s first knife made was in 1891 and was supplied to the Swiss Army, this developed into the Swiss Officer’s Knife and Sports Knife that all lead to the most iconic piece Victorinox ever made in 1897, the first, iconic Swiss Army Knife. In the year of 1909 Karl Elsener’s mother sadly passed away and in her honour Karl named his company after her, Victoria, adding on the inox from the French term inoxydable, meaning stainless steel. Due to their use in the army Victorinox included a swiss cross and shield into the company logo to commemorate this. Since 1909, after years of being competitive rivals in the market for knives, Victorinox worked alongside another company, Wenger, manufacturing knives for the army, this included bayonets for the Swiss Stgw 90 assault rifle, military grade pocket knives and more. The two companies have shared a contract since 1908 and an agreement let Victorinox advertise as ‘Original Swiss Army Knife’ and Wenger took the title of ‘Genuine Swiss Army Knife’. Victorinox later went on to take over Wenger in 2005. Over the years Victorinox have made some of the most classic knives and pocket tools such as the Swiss Card, a credit card sided pocket knife including a small pair of scissors, a short straight knife, a plastic toothpick, tweezers, a ball point pen and a straight pin - you can really see what is meant by functionality! The all-time classic Swiss Army Knife has had many different uses beyond the armed forces, with the knife being part of the standard kit used by NASA astronauts, as well as climbers of Mount Everest taking them with them on the climb; a testament to how well these knifes are made drawing on Victorinox’s 130 years’ experience. The


The Victorinox company have years of experience which means years of learning! Their commitment to quality and reliability has ensured that their build quality continues to improve with each release of a new product. Made from the highest grade materials such as top quality stainless steel, each blade, watch and knife is made to last. The Swiss army knives are made to be as compact and easy to use as possible, with each part folding down to into the knife body. Each knife and tool made by Victorinox comes with a LIFETIME guarantee against any defects in material or workmanship, that’s how confident they are in their skills and in their product. With an entire page on their website dedicated to care tips, with tips on maintenance, cleaning and oiling, the Victorinox brand is passionate about the quality of their product. The blades of the Victorinox knives are all made of 100% guaranteed high grade aluminium, and the body for the most part is made from a strong cellulose or acrylic. This level of workmanship and quality has ensured Victorinox has become an iconic brand-leader not only in Switzerland but around the world.


Victorinox takes sustainability and social responsibility very seriously. Ten percent of their company shares are held by a non-profit foundation using profits to support charitable causes and projects. The Swiss Environmental Foundation presented Victorinox with an award in 2008 to recognise Victorinox’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. Victorinox are still a family business and plan for the future which reflects their approach to sustainable production and product development; choosing materials and packaging, recycling waste materials to other producers, using heat from knife production to provide warmth for their head office and nearby domestic buildings, sourcing raw materials close to home, and even teaming up with Nespresso to use recycled coffee pods to make knife handles. All proving that Victorinox is a brand that can be trusted for your corporate gift requirements.